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Offering great hospitality is our main concern at Casa Wagner Hotel. ...

...therefore the atmosphere in our hotel is always warm and friendly making it the ideal retreat away from home...

Brasov’s brand new CASA WAGNER provides its guests with a perfect central location in the very heart of the old city. It is situated directly on the town's main square, just a stone throw from sumptuous cafes and bakeries and Brasov's main tourist attractions. The hotel is located in a classified historic building dating back to 1477, formerly a German Bank.
Prime location on the main square and rooms with a great view.

Our 24 rooms feature all the amenities suitable both for business as well as leisure guests and wishes to become a home away from home...

We offer charming accommodation in a warm historic setting. The hotel wishes to become a home-away-from home for business or pleasure due to its style, modern features and its prime location.

Casa Wagner Hotel is the PERFECT CHOICE!

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