Adventure, horse riding

Adventure, horse riding

Braşov County is a place where you can find diverse adventures of any kind. Thus, the experiences will be memorable, because you do not always have the opportunity to ride in a waggon, or watch birds and wild animals in their habitat.

Horse riding trips

The excursions can be made on one-day itineraries, and you can take the mountain paths leading to Postăvarul Peak, towards Râşnoavei Gorge or to Bran Castle. Such excursions are especially designed for experienced horsemen who resist at least four hours in the horse saddle. Horse riding can be practiced in most tourist areas of Brasov county, many of the guesthouses in the area have at least one horse or sled and a wagon for the tourists' leisure. Equestrian centers offer you the possibility of practicing horse riding, participating in pleasant walks, wagon or sleigh rides in any season, in the splendid setting of Poiana Braşov and its surroundings in the Râşnov area.

Equestrian center locations

Flying Fox

Flying fox crossing between 30-50 m in length, at 5-40 m depending on the location and the requirements: the crossing is done on a double-insulated steel cable, the pulley used by each participant will be pulled by the rest of the team on the other side.

Zip line locations

Wildlife watching / Birdwatching

Among the relaxing activities, wildlife and bird watching are options to be considered in Braşov County. This may include the Natural Eutrophic Reserve of Prejmer, which is a protected area of national interest.

Wildlife watching / birdwatching locations

Waggon rides

The best way of feeling the spirit of rural life is with a waggon. In Braşov County you could use this way of transport for trips between localities, on the hills and the extensive forests around.

Wagon riding organizers

Adventure parks

If we talk about adventure, we cannot overlook the adventure parks for children as well as for adults. Some of them offer easy walks, but others have tracks with a various degree of difficulty, which will exert your muscles in a pleasant way.

Adventure parks

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