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Strada Apollonia Hirscher 10, Brașov 500025, Romania


The ARLECHINO Braşov Theater is organized and functions as a public cultural institution whose main objective is the production and presentation of shows, being a repertoire institution. Its object of activity is performing artistic interpretation (performances).
The ARLECHINO Theater has as main purpose the production and presentation of artistic productions (theater performances with actors, animation with dolls and objects, non-verbal animation shows, etc.).
The main objective is to contribute, through artistic means, to the education of children and young people, ensuring both educational and cultural and / or entertainment functions.
The current activities of the Arlechino Theater are:
-production and presentation of theater performances for children and youth, using predominantly the art of animation, but also other theatrical expressions (music, dance, pantomime, visual arts, etc.);
-the realization of artistic performances by public presentation of the performances in the repertoire;
- making and / or presenting events with an event character or carrying out projects incorporating congruent activities with the performing arts (workshops, theater, reading);
-realization and participation in cultural and national programs and projects such as: festivals, contests, gala, workshops, European projects, various projects with anniversary / homage

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