Bran is the place where you could find one of the most visited castles in Europe - Dracula Castle - the source of inspiration for the most fascinating legend, the bloody Count Dracula. The castle was built by the inhabitants of Brasov between 1377 and 1382 to defend the pass from the Turkish invasions. At the beginning of the sec. XX it became the favorite residence of the Queen Maria of Romania, to whom the locals retain a deep gratitude for the appreciation they enjoyed in the glory years of the Romanian monarchy.

Although the name of Bran is indissolubly linked to Bran Castle, the area is very rich in tourist attractions: the Moieciu Gorges, the Bucegi and Piatra Craiului Mountains, the Dâmbovicioara Cave, the Rasnov Fortress, Brasov, together with the Saxon fortresses of Prejmer and Harman. Poiana Brasov is a traditional ski area, but also for spending the summer holidays. Access to Poiana Brasov is easy from Râşnov (9 km).

The family atmosphere that surrounds you in the countryside, people who know how to appreciate a "thank you" from the heart of the tourist after a rich meal, hosts who will proudly show you beautiful, tastefully decorated houses are just some of the arguments that you will perhaps persuade you to extend your stay on these lands.

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Bran Castle

The villages around Bran

The villages around Bran offer splendid views and fascinating stories. Here you will find old churches and enjoy the hospitality of the inhabitants.

The village of Sohodol is situated on a promontory that reaches the maximum altitude of 1,000 m. From here you can reach Bran Castle on the Reiteşti Road, in 6 km, or Tohanul Nou (11 km).

The village of Şimon is scattered in the valley with the same name, 6 km from Bran Castle. As a travel spot we can find "Letca's House", the oldest monument of folk architecture in the villages of Bran (dated 1822).

Predeluţ village is scattered on Zărneşti road, about 4 km from Bran Castle. The altitude of the locality varies between 760 and 850 m.

Village Poarta (the gate) is, in fact, the "heart" of Bran. Poarta is the most visited locality in the entire Branarea, the Romanian and foreign tourists admiring here an impressive array of historical sights and monuments.

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