Brasov County - Once discovered, never forgotten!

Brasov County - Once discovered, never forgotten!


Situated in the central part of the country, on the middle course of the Olt River, inside the Carpathian Arch, Braşov County conquers through its complex natural landscape and its charming settlements with their medieval allure. Anyone can spend wonderful moments here, no matter the season, from relaxing hiking or biking trips through hills or mountain paths, to a real paragliding adventure or skiing and snowboarding on the local slopes.

Braşov fascinates through the medieval fortresses and its fortified churches, through the authenticity of the agro-pastoral landscapes and its ecotourism potential, its multiculturalism, the wilderness and the richness of nature ...

Made of the historical regions, Land of Bârsa, Land of Făgăraş and a part of the royal lands (Rupea or the Cohalm Land), this area is between the few of the country, wich display such a wide variety of landscapes, geological and paleontological formations, valuable biodiversity assets, and a rich cultural and architectural heritage.

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Braşov county, whose administrative residence has the same name, is located in the central-eastern area of Romania, at the crossroad of commercial routes connecting the Balkans to the rest of Europe. It covers 5,363 km2, which represent 2.2% of the country's territory.

Braşov city, the administrative residence, has a population of over 320,000 inhabitants. 50% of the county's population is concentrated here as well, representing 65% of the urban population of the county.

Other major cities are: Făgăraş (45 000 inhabitants), Săcele (30 000 inhabitants), Zărneşti (26 600 inhabitants), Codlea (24 400 inhabitants), Râşnov (16 400 inhabitants), Victoria (10, 7 thousand inhabitants), Predeal (6.9 thousand inhabitants), Rupea (6.2 thousand inhabitants).


Braşov County has a temperate-continental climate, mostly humid and cool, with a relatively low precipitation level and slightly reduced temperatures in the lower areas.

Temperature inversions are not numerous; therefore, minimum winter temperatures do not fall into extreme values. The precipitation level is relatively higher.

The average multiannual air temperature is 7.6°C, with an absolute maximum temperature of 37°C in August. The average number of summer days is about 50 per year. The average number of winter days is about 50 per year. Air humidity average anual values are 75%.

The atmospheric precipitations values are between 600-700 mm / year. The ground wind has a predominant direction, from the West and North-West and average speeds between 1.5 and 3.2 m / s.

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