Cărpiniş Cabin

Cărpiniş Cabin


Tarlungeni, Romania


Târlungeni is a commune in Braşov county, Transylvania, Romania.

Târlungeni commune is located in the Bârsei depression, at the foot of Ciucas Mountain, 10 kilometers from Braşov and is crossed by the waters of Târlung and Zizin. The other villages of the commune are: Purcăreni, Cârpiniş, Zizin and Târlungeni.

The commune of Târlungeni is located in the administrative territory of Braşov County, being located in its southeast and bordering the administrative territories of Braşov, Săcele municipalitis and Prejmer, Hărman, Budila and Vama Buzăului communes.

Târlungeni dates back to the 15th century. The commune's name originates from the Târlung River, crossing the western part of the commune.

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