The old Carpathian - The secular oak from Mercheașa

Natural attraction / Tourist attraction - Homorod


Above the village of Mercheasa, belonging to Homorod commune in Braşov county, on the pasture with secular oaks, about 1.7 km east - northeast of the locality is the Oak from Mercheaşa or the Old Carpathian. It has the following GPS coordinates: 25º 21 '49.191 "long E & 46º 03' 59.047" wide N.

The species of the tree is Quercus robur and has the following botanical characteristics:
• age: about 900 years;
• circumference measured at (height) 1.3 m from the ground: 9.3 m;
• The shaft height is 21.3 m and has a nearly complete crown, beautifully rounded;
• up to 3 meters from the ground there are 5 stubs, traces of broken branches during its existence;
• there are no signs of harmful insects.
• At the bottom there are 4 areas with superficially burnt bark, probably traces of fire made by the shepherds taking care of the village cattle.

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