Făgăraș Mountains

Făgăraș Mountains


Moldoveanu Peak, Romania

The Fagaras Mountains provide the traveler with an unforgettable show, its lofty ridges being covered by snow for 8 to 9 months a year.

The glacial circles where the "iezere" (glacial lakes) formed, the extensive deciduous and spruce forests, the alpine pastures with their rich flora, and the chamois, complete the attractions of the mountains and explain their tourism reputation.

Photo Sources: http://muntii-fagaras.ro/; https://www.facebook.com/Muntii-Fagaras

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The Legend of the Moldoveanu Peak

Spread over 70 km from East to West and 45 km North-South, the Fagaras Massif resembles an immense spine, with steep peaks facing north, and more gentle ones to the south.

Its highest peak is Moldoveanu, 2,544 meters, which is also the highest peak in Romania.

Regarding the name of this spectacular and serene mountain peak, it is known that it was called after the nickname of the shepherd who had rented it a hundred years ago, in a time when these mountains were only climbed by shepherds: Moldoveanu. In fact, most of the names of the mountain peaks came from the nicknames of the shepherds, the only ones who traversed then during that time.

However, other linguists assume that the name came from a puppy called Molda, which also gave the name to Moldova, one of Romaniațs major historic areas.

Find out more on http://muntii-fagaras.ro/legenda-varf-moldoveanu/ - Article Iulia Toyo

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