Podragu Cottage

Podragu Cottage

Cabin / Accommodation - Ucea


Arpasu de Jos, Romania


Podragu Cottage is ocated in the Făgăraş Mountains at the highest altitude, 2136 m, on a glacial valley, the Podrag valley, which branches from the Arpaşul Mare valley and is bordered to the east by Muchia Tarita and to the west by Muchia Piscul Podragului. Downstream of the Podragu cottage, we find a cottage, Turnuri Cottage, situated on the same valley at 1520 m altitude.

The access to the two cottages is made on a forest road, and on the footpath, the trail is light during summer, but in winter time it is recommended only for experienced tourists or climbers.

The transport of food, fuel, wood, and almost all of the things needed is done with the help of donkeys, or in the backpack.

Because of this, the Podragu Cottage is closed during winter, but near it you can find an annex that can be used as a refuge in good conditions. That, of course, if those who stazrd there before you left it clean and the door closed, so that it is not full of snow inside. From time to time, there are some "curious" people who break the windows of the cottage in winter to break in and then the windows must be repaired again, which at 2136 m altitude is not easy.

It is set in the main warming of the Podrag, on a stony slope in the western part of the large lake. The cottage consists of a main body and an annex. The main building, with ground floor and floor, is built of stone wall. On the ground floor are the bedrooms, the dining room, the kitchen and the bathrooms. The floor comprises three bedrooms the cabin room and sanitary groups.

The cottage has running water in the kitchen and in the bathrooms.

- accommodation capacity 70 spots, beds and cribs

- it is open in May - November, and in winter, near the cottage is left open an annex, which works as a refuge

- the cottage has an electrical installation, with its own generator set, voltage 220V.

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