Poiana Secuilor Cottage

Poiana Secuilor Cottage

Cabin / Accommodation - Predeal / Hotel


Poiana Secuilor Cottage is the only authentic cottage in the Predeal area. Every corner of the place founded in 1935 has a story to tell. Many have crossed the threshold not only once, and others are coming back year after year enjoying the memories of their youth.

Here, with love for the mountain and you, we created a special place in which to feel the parfum of hiking in the woods and to be part of nature, an escaped to the mountains, famous for hospitality, good mood, live follk concerts with many artists and mountain songs and a kitchen that always offers fresh food with traditional dishes and specialties from bio products and the richness of nature that surrounds us.

Arriving on the plateau of 3 Brazi, go right on the way to Poiana Secuilor. After a 5-minute drive, you get to a wonderful place, surrounded by forest and mountains. There is Poiana Secuilor cottage, authentic rustic cottage classified under 1 daisy.

It is the only place in the country with panorama to 4 different mountains.

It has a rustic terrace, a rustic restaurant, a parking lot, an ATV for rent and a great panorama over the surroundings.

It is a strategic starting point for hiking to:
• Don's Cot - Tamina Waterfall - Piatra Mare;
• Cheile Rasnoavei - Cheia Chalet;
• vf. Postavaru;
  Three Brazi - Paraul Rece;
• Three Brazi - Fetifoi - Chalet Diham - Bucegi Mountains.

Poiana Secuilor Chalet has a great view over the surroundings, 36 accommodation places, parking, ATV rentals, campfire, barbecue. The recently refurbished terrace and rustic restaurant also offer food as the Szekler's mother.

We are waiting for you to come back!

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