The cross on the Piatra Craiului Mică Peak

The cross on the Piatra Craiului Mică Peak

Tourist attraction - Zărnești


Piatra Craiului Mountains, Romania


According to the legend, during a period of drought that has scorched all plants, humans and animals, a poor woman, named Stanca, climbed to the peak of the Piatra Craiului Mică and prayed to God to give rain, repeating this route for several days until, one day, she never returned to the village.

Then a miracle occurred, it was raining incessantly for three days and three nights.

After a long search, the locals have found Stanca on the peak of Piatra Craiului Mică, on her knees and her eyes up to the sky, but dead. They buried her there, and left a cross on her head.

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