The Fortified Church Vulcan

The Fortified Church Vulcan


Only the triumphal arch is preserved from the 13th century Romanesque basilica. A vault carried on stone ribs, which end on consoles decorated with face-masks, covers the late Gothic chancel that was built two centuries later.

After the church was destroyed by the troops of Gabriel Báthory, the community needed more than 50 years until it started rebuilding in 1665. The vault of the chancel and the paneled ceiling of the nave were built in that time. More than a century later the bell tower was erected and in the same time the wooden galleries inside the church.

On the baptismal font from 1741 two inscriptions in German and in Latin can be read. They are also mentioned in a church book dating back to the 18th century. A portcullis and a machicolation secured the entrance of the 14th/15th century curtain wall. The view of the main entrance is blocked by the town hall today.

Inside the fortification several good preserved granaries can be visited.

An interesting visit can be the one of the Evangelic cemetery located behind the church. The tombs sheltered on the perimeter under a common roof and the stories about those resting there are worth paying a visit.

The keys are at the Parish Office Vulcan.
phone: 0040268256477
or Uwe Seidner
phone: 0040745108974

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