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Accommodation - Brașov


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Str. Cloșca 44, Brașov 500040, România


You are in a small boutique hotel in Brasov, on 44 Cloșca Street. A house on the edge of a pine forest, very close to the city centre and right next to the road to Poiana Brașov. 

Six generous spaces. Two apartments and four rooms. A living room and a covered terrace where you will have breakfast, listen to music, watch movies while eating cakes made in our house. Because we love nature and design, we used beautiful materials. Metal, old wooden beams, in and out. The interior is functional, clean, with simple lines and neutral colors. From the large windows you can see the pine forest or the panorama of the pittoresque Brasov. And lots of natural light.

SLEEP IN STYLE - Inspired by a clean way of life, the “home vibe” comes from natural elements and simple structures put all together. Furniture items made from hard materials (like wood or metal) and fine accessories add texture and personality to each room. A familiar space where you can rest and dream in peace. The main attractions are the large windows that reveal the pine forest located in the immediate vicinity – the outside atmosphere combined with the indoor atmosphere produces true reveries.

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