Piatra Craiului National Park

Piatra Craiului National Park




Piatra Craiului Mountains, Romania

The natural stone fortress of Piatra Craiului is unique among the mountains in our country. The specific landscape is characterized by a lonely ridge, reaching a length of about 25 km and heights of over 2,000 meters La Om Peak (or Piscul Baciului) is the highest and measures 2.238 m. 
f we study the peculiarities of the massif, we will discover a great variety of relief shapes and dimensions: rock cliffs, pins, pyramids, edges, towers, girdles, and chimneys. A large number of valleys, stunts, natural arches, and alpine gaps complete the visual spectacle, along with particularly spectacular steep slopes.

Here live 1,170 plant species, almost 30% of the plants found in our country, of which 181 are protected. Among these species we mention only the most famous ones: Pietrei Craiului garlic, yew, angelica, sturgeon, yellow poppy, lime, corner flower, wild gladioli, bulb, and mountain peony.

Piatra Craiului hosts an impressive number of mountain orchid species, 41 of the 58 species existing on the territory of Romania.

The climatic and geological conditions, the geomorphology and structure of flora and vegetation in Piatra Craiului have determined the preservation of a special diversity in the mammalian group. Of the 100 species of fauna of the whole country, over 40% live in Piatra Craiului.

Access to Piatra Craiului National Park is made on the basis of the visiting ticket, buy the tickets on  Bilete (pcrai.ro) 
Source: http://www.pcrai.ro/; http://romaniasalbatica.ro/

Administrația Parcului Național Piatra Craiului

Sightseeing tariff

You can buy the entrance ticket from:

- Zarnesti Post Office (Tiberiu Spârchez Street, nr.12 A)
- Piatra Craiului National Park Visitor Center (150, Toplița street);
- Plaiul Foii Chalet

Sightseeing tariff:

Ticket for 7 days for one person = 10 lei

Season ticket = 40 lei

*The price for visiting the park also includes visiting the Visitor Center of the Piatra Craiului- (Museum)

*Exceptions from the payment of the entrance fee are:

- children under 14 years

- local people

To buy a ticket:

1. Use the blue ticket machines from the Zarnesti Post Office (12A Tiberiu Spirchez Street), from Piatra Craiului National Parc Viziter Center (Zarnesti, 150 Toplita Stret) or Plaiul Foii Chalet.

2. From the National Park site www.pcrai.ro at the section: Tickets (pcrai.ro) 


Park Administration

Zarnesti, Str. Toplita 150, cod 505800, Jud. Brasov

Tel: 0040268223165
Email: office@pcrai.ro,
Website:   Piatra Craiului National Park (pcrai.ro) 

Vezi și centrul de vizitare Piatra Craiului

Visiting rules

Check the tourist map of Piatra Craiului National Park!

Choose the route that suits you the best and don't be too adventurous or overestimate your strength!

If you have any doubts about the chosen route, request information from the Park Administration and Mountain Rescue Service!

Make sure you have enough water with you for all the duration of the trip, water sources are rare or missing in the upper part of the mountain!

Do not drive beyond acces prohibiting signs!

Do not drop litter, take all your rubbish with you!

During your trips follow only the marked trails!

Admire the flowers but do not pick them!

Cherish the wild life; there is a place for everyone in nature!

Maintain the nature's tranquility so others can enjoy it as well!

Camp only in the specially designated locations!

Fire is allowed only in dedicated areas around camp sites and near chalets!

Do not damage the information panels, arrows, mountain shelters, bridges or any other infrastructure!

Use the mountain shelters only in case of emergency; allow other visitors to do so as well!

Please use only the marked trails!

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